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theme.tiki.org configuration and other changes, including site additions and set-up changes.

Site upgraded to Tiki 23.x

marclaporte Saturday 24 of July, 2021

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware continues to progress.

This site is used for early "dogfooding" or testing of the code with real content, so please let us know of any problems with the appearance and function here.

Site is upgraded at each Tiki release but we forgot to add a note here for 21.x and 22.x

Site upgraded to Tiki 20

chibaguy Wednesday 29 of May, 2019

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware continues to progress. Thanks to everyone who works on the project and supports it by using Tiki, giving feedback, contributing to the docs, making financial contributions (yes, that does happen ).

This site is used for early "dogfooding" or testing of the code with real content, so please let us know of any problems with the appearance and function here.

Shoutbox module removed

chibaguy Thursday 28 of June, 2018
Because it was producing some errors, the shoutbox module was de-activated. It wasn't being used much anyway, so it probably won't be missed.

We are now on Tiki 18.x

luci Wednesday 02 of May, 2018

Yay for the new dogfood!
The site was switched to 18.x branch (thanks Amette) so we can enjoy the latest LTS bells and whistles.

We have also switched the SEFURLs from classic Tiki links scheme with spaces (+) to dashes (as on the rest of tiki.org sites family). We have an issue from the past where some links were generated with "%B2" instead of "+" though — trying to figure that out now to prevent Google results with broken links.

Upgraded to Tiki 17.0

chibaguy Wednesday 02 of August, 2017

The site has been upgraded regularly as Tiki increments onward, and no blog posts were written to draw attention to the Tiki 16 iteration. But now we're at 17.0. Check out the new features and improvements listed at https://doc.tiki.org/Tiki 17.

It was recently pointed out that this site doesn't showcase the themes that are bundled with Tiki (and there are a bunch of them) as well as it used to. The aftermarket themes in the Themes Marketplace have sort of elbowed them out. But we can add a section to that page or similar to let people see the themes that come with the Tiki package as well as those that can be installed afterwards.

Site updated to Tiki 14 beta

chibaguy Tuesday 21 of April, 2015

Themes.tiki.org is now using the Tiki 14 beta release. This version continues with further integration of the Bootstrap CSS framework, and other enhancements such as to trackers. The general reaction when a Tiki site is upgraded to Tiki 13 (the first release incorporating Bootstrap) or 14 is very positive, I think it's fair to say. The page generally opens up with larger text and more white space, in step with current web design and the trend to higher-resolution displays.

In parallel with the version upgrade, the content of this site is being organized, with old information that has only historical usefulness being categorized as "retired" and not available except to logged-in users.

New content about the revamped arrangement of theme-related files and about making themes for Tiki in this Bootstrap era is also being added, and will continue to be, in more detail. My own impression is that updating an old (pre-Tiki 13) theme to a current version is an easier upgrade process than has usually been the case between big-change Tiki versions. This is due to the ease of using Less variables. The procedure will be spelled out in detail shortly.

We'll also be taking a look at converting a "Bootstrap 3" theme from WordPress or Joomla, etc.to Tiki.

Configurable header buttons in XtratoVeil layout

chibaguy Wednesday 17 of October, 2012

The XtratoVeil design has a header with four buttons. In the original design, these are part of a Flash file, but for Tiki I thought we should stay with normal HTML so site admins could customize it easily. The "screen" area on the right of the header gets its content from Look and Feel custom site header text area. To make the four buttons to the left of the screen easy to program, in the tiki-site_header_options.tpl file for this theme there is

< div class="site_header_right_button" id="site_header_right_button1" >
{wiki}{content label=siteheader_button1}{/wiki}
< /div >

(four times of course, once for each button). Then the site admin can go to the Dynamic Content system (tiki-list_contents.php) and make four items with labels "site_header_right_button1", etc., and program each of these with a link for something.

Only a few characters will fit in the button space, so probably an image should be used as an icon. These could actually be from the XtratoVeil design, or from FamFam or some other collection.

(The XtratoVeil theme is just about ready, and will probably be available when Tiki 4 is released.)

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