• Tiki uses icon sets
  • The Look & Feel administration page provides UI to make icon settings with the below options:
    • General icon set for all themes: default Font-Awesome, Glyphicons (pre-Tiki 19) and legacy FamFamFam icons
    • Theme-specific icon set: it is possible to define an icon set for each theme or option.
  • Currently there are two kinds of icons that can be used: icon fonts and image files (png).
  • Icon sets can be customized following the logic of CSS and template customization.


  • In case a custom icon set is meant to be available for all themes, place a new icon set definition file in the "themes/base_files/iconsets/" folder. This new icon set will be available from the Look & Feel control panel ("theme_iconset" preference).
  • To have a specific icon set used for a theme and/or option, a custom.php file must be placed in the theme or theme option's "icons/" folder.
  • For image files the pre-Tiki14 way of icon customization still works, so for example if you don't like the image used for editing (img/icons/page_edit.png) you can place another png file with the same name (page_edit.png) into your theme's "icons/" folder, and then that new icon will be displayed for that theme.

Also see Icons SVG or Fonts.
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