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theme.tiki.org configuration and other changes, including site additions and set-up changes.

Site upgraded to Tiki 2.1

chibaguy Sunday 16 of October, 2011

I upgraded the site and added new and updated themes. There is a page for each theme, mostly displaying an included Sample Page. I'll try to add specific information for the themes.

The docs for configuring Look & Feel in Tiki 2 need to be improved. This should be a doc.tw.o but maybe relevant info here also. And docs on theme modification need to be added for each theme, as necessary.

The phpl menu is too wide for a few of the narrow themes, so I'll make a narrower one and put in their templates.

Transition to Tiki 5

chibaguy Wednesday 13 of April, 2011

Not all the theme files at this site have been updated to Tiki 5, and Tiki 5 itself is still in flux, so as the page-top note says, there could be some weirdness happening.

The Judy theme in particular needs updating. The site header items were overlapping the theme-switching module, which made escape from the theme problematic, so I moved that module down a position and moved Registration info up one. Now it should be possible to switch themes using the module even in the Judy theme.

-- Gary

Infinite Carousel problem and workaround

chibaguy Monday 21 of September, 2009

In my experience, the Infinite Carousel on the homepage, which displays theme images and download links, wasn't working correctly on the initial page load. The images were displaying side by side, making a really wide page. I checked this in several browsers and all showed the same problem.

The carousel works fine in a normal HTML page, so apparently the problem is due to something not loading initially. To see this, clear your browser caches and visit Tiki 3 Themes, the wiki page that holds the carousel now. For me anyway, in all my browsers, the images all display at once, left to right, and there's no motion, no apparent javascript happening for them. Notice also that the module-flip icons aren't there and and working (but do after a page refresh), which I think is another symptom of the same problem. (Of course if the carousel and module-flipping are working for other people on first page load in a cleared-cache browser, then I need to figure out what the difference is with my experience - and all my browsers have default javascript settings.)

As a workaround, I moved the carousel wiki lines from the homepage to Tiki 3 Themes, and edited header.tpl to load the necessary ))JavaScript(( and CSS on both pages. Then I made an iframe on the homepage with the carousel page as the source, using index_p so only the wiki content displays. (I tried using the INCLUDE plugin, which would have been a neater solution, but then the carousel page's head section doesn't load, which defeats the purpose of the second page.

Now I'm getting the effect I wanted - the carousel loads and works correctly on initial homepage display, but at the cost of a really kludgy workaround. I need to check with our experts about solving the problem of ))JavaScript(( not loading or anyway not being effective initially.

Various preference changes

marclaporte Tuesday 15 of September, 2009

Turning off most experimental feature: feature_ajax & feature_jquery disabled to be like other *.tw.o sites. But Search Engine Friendly URLs are activated everywhere.

feature_messages: disabled (mailbox should be on tw.o)
feature_newsreader: disabled

Site updated to Tiki 3

chibaguy Thursday 27 of August, 2009

The site has finally been updated to Tiki 3. Actually the files are from the "proposed" branch which will be released as Tiki 3.2. To demo the older Tiki 2 themes, I made a new installation at /t2 and am using a shadowbox popup window to display the themes of that Tiki 2 installation (see Tiki_2-bundled_themes ).

Apart from replacing old theme files and activating wiki structures and wiki plugins that we want to use, I haven't made any configuration changes since the update. I did add some site header custom code to display the "other project sites" links at the page top. This displays in all themes except Tikipedia, where it conflicts with the top menu. A Smarty filter in the custom code prevents it from displaying in Tikipedia.

I want to update the site content appropriately. One of the first things will be to play down the PHP Layers menu demos, as they aren't such a big deal now, quite a few months after Tiki 2 was released. When things are ready (new modules need to be made, etc.), probably PHP Layers menus will be turned off, replaced by CSS (suckerfish) menus.

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