Id Name Created Last modified Items
10 Tiki Package Themes
Themes that have been or are included in the Tiki releases
Sat 24 of Jun, 2023 Sat 24 of Jun, 2023 17:15 GMT-0000 108
9 Tiki CSS Variables
Fri 03 of Feb, 2023 Fri 03 of Feb, 2023 17:33 GMT-0000 54
7 Simple vertical timeline test
Using some HTML and CSS from https://codepen.io/brady_wright/pen/NNOvrW .
Mon 02 of Apr, 2018 Mon 02 of Apr, 2018 11:28 GMT-0000 2
6 Marketplace Themes
Contributed aftermarket themes
Tue 02 of Aug, 2016 Mon 19 of Jun, 2023 05:06 GMT-0000 11
5 Test
This tracker is just for testing Tracker functionality and appearance.
Sat 02 of May, 2015 Tue 06 of Oct, 2020 11:34 GMT-0000 3
4 Guide to updating Tiki themes to work with Bootstrap
Listed here are changes that are recommended to be made in theme stylesheets so they'll be compatible with the Bootstrap base CSS file.
Tue 19 of Nov, 2013 Tue 19 of Nov, 2013 13:08 GMT-0000 1
3 Bootstrap-Tiki Classes to Replace in .tpls, etc.
Bootstrap CSS classes and equivalent classes in Tiki's current HTML
Tue 19 of Nov, 2013 Tue 22 of Apr, 2014 22:48 GMT-0000 11
2 Bug reports

Bug reports for theme and visual issues. Please indicate as much detail as possible, which browser is affected, etc. Screenshot is essential.

Broken since Bootstrap: Items that have now broken since Tiki 13
Not yet Bootstrap: items that don't seem to be picking up bootstrap CSS
Not yet Responsive: tasks that require us to change classes and maybe width of item
Grunt Work: Item that needs to be repeated and requires someone to do the grunt work
Other: Doesn't fit in the other categories (ex.: not Bootstrap related)

Mon 14 of Aug, 2006 Tue 05 of Feb, 2019 14:07 GMT-0000 31
1 Themes
Tiki themes
Wed 25 of Jan, 2006 Fri 16 of May, 2008 16:16 GMT-0000 2


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