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theme.tikiwiki.org configuration and other changes, including site additions and set-up changes.

Menu demos updated

chibaguy Saturday 25 of October, 2008

Since TikiWiki 2 supports more than one PHP Layers menu at a time, there was no need to continue using the filtering code in the menu module, so it was commented out and can be deleted. I also updated the menu demo pages and in particular removed the tables showing browser and theme behavior. I believe the menus work fine in all compatible themes and in all browsers.

The next step will be to add demos and docs for CSS (suckerfish) menus.

Theme-specific Site Identity custom code enabled

chibaguy Thursday 18 of October, 2007

As we move toward making Site Identity activated by default, I've found that SI custom code needs to vary quite a bit depending on the theme. To accomodate this here at the theme demo site, I replaced the one-code-for-all data input in the SI configuration page with an include statement:

missing page for plugin INCLUDE
This loads a default file in /templates, the content of which used to be the data input in the config box. To make a site-wide change in the custom code, edit this file rather than changing the data input on the SI admin page.

Now there can be a sicustomcode.tpl file in a theme's template directory if that theme needs its own SI custom code. I realize this is a step backward from the no-template-editing, Web-based customization emphasis of Site Identity, but something like this is needed at a site that has SI enabled and uses and needs to accomodate multiple themes. I have more themes in the pipeline that need to specify unique SI custom code.

In future theme releases, which will all use SI, a sicustomcode.tpl file will be included. Users can either use the include statement method, or paste the content of the file into the SI custom code textarea and then edit it as they want. The tpl file will be a backup/reference in that case.

-- Gary

Completing Theme-o-rama module

marclaporte Monday 20 of August, 2007

greenmetal.css & jello.css were missing from Theme-o-rama module

and Gary added BRTiki.css lately

I just removed vidiki.css because it's being pulled out of Tiki. (broken & unmaintained)

changed a few pages to lowercase

marclaporte Monday 20 of August, 2007

PhpLayersMenu horizontal -> phplayersmenu horizontal
PhpLayersMenu vertical -> phplayersmenu vertical


Most places in Tiki, page names are case insensitive, which is good. But I was having trouble with some Smart code in modules. It wasn't always doing what I wanted.

The plus (+) vs space ( ) also can cause confusion.

tiki_p_view_templates given to Registered users

marclaporte Saturday 04 of August, 2007

So when you are logged in, you will have a link to see what the template (.tpl) looks like. You can't change it however.

Note to Tiki devs: we need to check that this works as expected everywhere.

There are over 100 of these changes which must be done:

{if $feature_view_tpl eq 'y'}


{if $feature_view_tpl eq 'y' and $tiki_p_view_templates eq 'y'}

{if $feature_edit_templates eq 'y'}


{if $feature_edit_templates eq 'y' and $tiki_p_edit_templates eq 'y'}

Similarly, for editing the CSS, the feature needs to be on and the permission given

{if $feature_editcss eq 'y' and $tiki_p_create_css eq 'y'}

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