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Moved to new server

marclaporte Friday 13 of July, 2007

This server should be better.

Sorry about all the Internal Server Error 500 errors from the previous server...

test WYSIWYG editors

marclaporte Monday 09 of July, 2007
<span style="font-style: italic;">It's better than I remember it but it's still flacky, especially in IE6....</span><br /><br /><br style="font-style: italic;" />

Tikineat IE6 tracker overlap fix

chibaguy Friday 29 of June, 2007

I added a "width:100%" property to .tabcontent in styles/tikineat.css to prevent tab contents from overlapping the right column (Tracker bug report). This was after comparison with other themes to see how their CSS handled table and tabcontent properties. I don't think there will be any bad effects from this modification, but let me know if there is anything. If there's no report of a problem, I'll commit the change to CVS branch 1.9.

-- Gary

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