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tiki_p_view_templates given to Registered users

marclaporte Saturday 04 of August, 2007

So when you are logged in, you will have a link to see what the template (.tpl) looks like. You can't change it however.

Note to Tiki devs: we need to check that this works as expected everywhere.

There are over 100 of these changes which must be done:

{if $feature_view_tpl eq 'y'}


{if $feature_view_tpl eq 'y' and $tiki_p_view_templates eq 'y'}

{if $feature_edit_templates eq 'y'}


{if $feature_edit_templates eq 'y' and $tiki_p_edit_templates eq 'y'}

Similarly, for editing the CSS, the feature needs to be on and the permission given

{if $feature_editcss eq 'y' and $tiki_p_create_css eq 'y'}

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