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PHP Layers menu demo adjustments

chibaguy Thursday 26 of April, 2007

For themes that were designed to use PHP Layers horizontal menus — Twist, Andreas09, Snow, Planetfall, Kubrick, etc. — I made some changes so the menu can be shown in its normal location rather than in the wiki module, on the PHPLayersMenu horizontal page. The module was modified to show a "See above." message on that page for those themes.

The themes' files were edited to enable the menu to show on that page. But for the PHPLayersMenu vertical demo page in these themes, the horizontal menu is switched off in the template so it doesn't interfere with the vertical menu in the wiki module demo.

(Some of the new themes don't have complete vertical PHP Layers menu properties. Their CSS files need to be updated. redface )

When I was checking to make sure the PHPLayers vertical menu in the side column is turned off on the menu demo pages, I noticed that a lot of times it would show up, due to browser caching. So I'll add a notice to the menu demo pages to instruct people to clear their browser cache if they see the side-column PHP Layers menu on the demo pages.

Theme files can be downloaded by anons

chibaguy Wednesday 15 of November, 2006
After a few people asked, I removed the registered-only limit on theme file downloads. The restriction was made several months ago when the download counters spiked due to some bot or something. I'll watch to see how things go.

UserPages turned off

marclaporte Friday 04 of August, 2006
Users should make their pages on tikiwiki.org and we should find a way to change the Tiki code to point over there...

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