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chibaguy Thursday 27 of August, 2009

The site has finally been updated to Tiki 3. Actually the files are from the "proposed" branch which will be released as Tiki 3.2. To demo the older Tiki 2 themes, I made a new installation at /t2 and am using a shadowbox popup window to display the themes of that Tiki 2 installation (see Tiki_2-bundled_themes ).

Apart from replacing old theme files and activating wiki structures and wiki plugins that we want to use, I haven't made any configuration changes since the update. I did add some site header custom code to display the "other project sites" links at the page top. This displays in all themes except Tikipedia, where it conflicts with the top menu. A Smarty filter in the custom code prevents it from displaying in Tikipedia.

I want to update the site content appropriately. One of the first things will be to play down the PHP Layers menu demos, as they aren't such a big deal now, quite a few months after Tiki 2 was released. When things are ready (new modules need to be made, etc.), probably PHP Layers menus will be turned off, replaced by CSS (suckerfish) menus.

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