Configurable header buttons in XtratoVeil layout

Gary Cunningham-Lee Wednesday 17 of October, 2012

The XtratoVeil design has a header with four buttons. In the original design, these are part of a Flash file, but for Tiki I thought we should stay with normal HTML so site admins could customize it easily. The "screen" area on the right of the header gets its content from Look and Feel custom site header text area. To make the four buttons to the left of the screen easy to program, in the tiki-site_header_options.tpl file for this theme there is

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< div class="site_header_right_button" id="site_header_right_button1" > {wiki}{content label=siteheader_button1}{/wiki} < /div >

(four times of course, once for each button). Then the site admin can go to the Dynamic Content system (tiki-list_contents.php) and make four items with labels "site_header_right_button1", etc., and program each of these with a link for something.

Only a few characters will fit in the button space, so probably an image should be used as an icon. These could actually be from the XtratoVeil design, or from FamFam or some other collection.

(The XtratoVeil theme is just about ready, and will probably be available when Tiki 4 is released.)