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Forecast: Candii Clouds

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee - Published Tue 27 of May, 2008 02:27 GMT - (9301 Reads)

The Candii Clouds theme is available for TikiWiki 1.10 beta. The original Candii Clouds theme is by Mark Schulz (elpirtxis), released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license. For TikiWiki the theme uses one table for page layout (necessary due to IE7's lack of CSS display:table support). The theme can be downloaded from the Candii Clouds file gallery. Until this site is updated to version 1.10, see Candii Clouds in action at zukakakina.com.


Andreas08 theme for 1.10 beta

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee - Published Sun 18 of May, 2008 04:16 GMT - (9763 Reads)

The Andreas08 theme is available for TikiWiki 1.10. See a demo at zukakakina.com/Andreas08. The files can be downloaded from gallery 17. This is a port of the classic design by Andreas Viklund.

The theme files have also been added to mods.tikiwiki.org so the theme can be installed using the Admin Mods feature if that is available at the site (shell access needed).

Andreas08 fully supports Look & Feel (Site Identity) options, etc., and all the other new features in Tiki 1.10.

Mittwoch theme released

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee - Published Wed 24 of Oct, 2007 14:27 GMT - (13594 Reads)

The Mittwoch theme, which has been in use at doc.tikiwiki.org for awhile, is now ready for downloading. Mittwoch was originally a GPLed design by Alexander Hanke for Joomla. The Tiki version of the theme has color- and fontsize-changing buttons for visual options.

This theme uses Luci's *litecss layout method so has no page layout tables. Additionally, in place of the standard module templates, there are table-free templates for side boxes whose titles are h3 headers and have ordered or unordered lists for list-type content.

Fluid Index theme released for Tiki

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee - Published Tue 23 of Oct, 2007 05:14 GMT - (42932 Reads)

An adaptation of the Fluid Index theme done originally for WordPress blogs is available now for Tiki CMS/Groupware. The theme is another one using the *litecess layout method. It features some neat styling details on blog pages in particular. The theme files can be downloaded from this site; the current version has been tested with Tiki up to version

Andreas09 theme available

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee - Published Mon 14 of May, 2007 13:52 GMT - (12138 Reads)

This is an adaptation for Tiki CMS of Andreas Viklund's freely released Andreas09 design. The theme uses luci's lite css layout method and so is source-ordered and table-free. Going beyond the great design of the original, this adaptation has a center content column that widens to accomodate large images, tables, etc. As with all Tiki themes, one-, two-, and three-column layouts are possible.

The page background and menu hover images can be easily changed. Alternative images are included.

After delays getting things to work properly with Internet Explorer 7, the theme files are finally finished and can be downloaded here. Please report any problems in the themes.tikiwiki.org forum.

Twist theme

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee - Published Mon 05 of Feb, 2007 05:29 GMT - (11104 Reads)

A new theme — Twist — has been contributed by gg and can be downloaded now. The Twist theme visually floats the Tiki pages on a dark blue background, and has custom graphics for standard menus. (Since themes.tw.o normally uses PHP Layers menus in the left column, please visit the Twist and Site Identity demo pages to see the Twist menu style.)

Zuka theme finally available

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee aka chibaguy - Published Sat 02 of Dec, 2006 10:17 GMT - (10841 Reads)

It's taken a lot longer than expected, but the Zuka theme can now be downloaded from the Zuka file gallery at themes.tw.o. No registration or log-in is needed to download the files. (Update 2: Zuka_v1.1 is now available. It has better IE7 compatibility and includes the earlier fixes and updates.)

Zuka uses a source-ordered, no-tables, liquid layout based on luci's lite layout, similar to what is used by the simple.css Tiki theme.

The theme archive includes information about installation and customizing. Also see themes.tw.o/Zuka. The InterTiki user authorization system has been working off and on. If there are any questions or problems to report about Zuka installation and use, and if it isn't possible to log in here, please use the tw.o forum. The theme is released under the LGPL license and will soon be committed to Tiki CVS.

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