Zuka started as the default theme at zukakakina.com, as a simple monochrome theme with an oldschool table layout. In keeping with the style, the theme uses its own set of black-and-white icons for some Tiki features.

Not only have more tables been converted to unordered lists, but some that displayed icons or text links, such as for edit, print, and pdf, have been given the "son of suckerfish" menu treatment. This type of CSS-powered menu can also be used in the wikitext, for toc or other link lists.

Originally, the theme put all left- and right-column modules on the left side of the page, but now right-column modules are also an option as with other Tiki themes, for maximum flexibility.

Zuka is compatable with all PHP Layers menu configurations, but installation doesn't expect any particular menu to already be set up.

The theme includes a print stylesheet for wiki pages, articles and blog posts.