Dark Shine

A design by Jack Qiao (http://www.pureweb.ca/) contributed to openwebdesign and released to the public domain.

The TikiWiki adaptation of this design uses one table to keep things sliding smoothly for IE7. The site title can be added with site identity custom code. A dynamic content block can display content in the narrow black space next to the search link. A banner can be displayed using the Look & Feel banner option. (Actually I couldn't get this to work in any theme as of October 3. I hard-coded the banner image in tiki-site_header.tpl for now.) And not shown in this demo (not yet at least) is a section at the top of the content area that in the original design held a row of thumbnails. This can be configured with Look & Feel top bar custom code.


Page last modified on Thursday 02 of September, 2010 02:11:16 GMT

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