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 New in Tiki 18: Style Guide Tool!
In a major step along the path described on this page, a new interactive tool has been added to Tiki that enables you to see and edit main global styles of the active theme on your site, and see the results in real time. Please visit https://doc.tiki.org/Style Guide for details.

Work has started for Tiki7 at Theme Generator.

Some tools to pick colors from an image:

Proposed steps to building a Tiki theme generator (with focus on colors):

Please first read an idea for generating a custom css style from a photo / logo. Is this URL still correct?

Step #1
Modify one of the current CSS (style) to have a small number (3-6) of basic colors. Maybe jqui as the first one.

changing colors:
you can list them with:
  grep -i " #[0-9a-f]\{3,6\};" styles/jqui.css | cut -d\# -f2 | sort | uniq -c
and change them with:
  perl -pi -e 's/AAAAAA/bbbbbb/g' styles/jqui.css

Step #2
Turn these colors into variables, for example $background, $basecolor, $highlight, etc

Step #3
Use a Color Scheme Generator

Step #4
See the theme in action, and

Step #5
Save CSS

Alternate step #3 (nice to have)
Generate colors from a photo / logo. There is a "Random From Image" button. So the user could try several times until he finds something pleasing. (like StrangeBanana) http://www.colr.org/ or http://mwcz.org/projects/colorpal/

Alternate step #3 (nice to have)
Generate colors which contrast well (for text over backgound)

Step #6 (nice to have)
For cases where we need a gradient (example, calendar event importance), we could have a formula which generates them. Please see "Generating Palettes With PHP" from site above for an example. #Another possible tool: http://www.meyerweb.com/eric/tools/color-blend/

Step #7 (nice to have)
For all the images, logos, etc in Tiki, we should try to make sure they are all transparent so they look good with different backgrounds.

Step #8 (nice to have)
Use ImageMagick or GD to manipulate graphics HSV values so that multiple graphics themes such as *metal can be combined into a single metal theme that can be colourised to any hue and saturation the administrator desires. Step 8 would allow the colours of any graphical theme (eg new tiki themes such as the default tikithemes theme and kubrick) to be modified.

Step #9 (nice to have)
Create some nice on the fly logo like: http://cooltext.com/

Previous forum post about Tiki theme generator idea:
tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=3&comments_parentId=2 Is this correct? Talks about Tiki's calendar.

Related links:
Kuler A web-hosted application for generating color themes.

WordPress Index Builder
Step 3 offers a color picker and Generated Color Scheme.

Drupal CMS Theme Generator
In Excel

Theme developer module for Drupal 6 - Screencast "We have built Firebug for Drupal Theming. You may now click on any part of the page and a sexy popup display shows which theme function/template outputted the HTML, and what other files could have done so. Armed with this info, a themer may quickly and accurately override the presentation. Further, all the variables passed into the template/function are presented for review."

CSS Constants

CSS Tools:

Wordpress theme browser



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