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Re: Toolbox + Login Modules

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Toolbox Icons or Module

Do you mean up where the log-in link is, and when you say "be the icons" do you mean use the icon images rather than text links?
Well, it's possible, but would take some reworking of the templates, and would be hard to explain without getting into the specifics.

Hi Gary,
Yes that is what I meant.
I think there is validity to the separation of content navigation from functions or actions upon that content.
I see printing, watching and similar actions as related to the CURRENT page, so I prefer to see them on the page content (like TOC, etc.)
Whereas structure navigation, menus, etc. are fine as text on the left.
Tikineat theme does this quite well. (attached gif)
I guess it's a template change, not a module show/hide, so I don't want to rock your mediawiki view of the world too much, I just like this from a usability standpoint.

What you're saying is logical and could be incorporated in maybe a Tikipedia variant at some point. Right now I don't have time to get into that. Maybe someone else could or I could have a go at it later on.

Login Module
The login module I have sort of the opposite problem.
I cannot for the life of me get the login to show up as a MODULE on the left top.

Am I missing something

Yes, but you're excused: it isn't obvious. ;-) In order for the log-in module to display correctly in other themes but not in Tikipedia, I gave it a "display:none" property in tikipedia.css. Find

div#rightcolumn div.box-login_box,
div#leftcolumn div.box-login_box {
	display: none;
in tikipedia.css and delete or comment it out (with /* (commented out code) */ tags). Then the log-in module should display as you set on your admin modules page.

-- Gary

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