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Re: Fluid index problem

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This error, IIRC, is caused by sos.js, which is used with the dropdown "tools" menu that contains the edit icon, etc. A quick fix for this is to just delete or rename the file templates/styles/fluidindex/tiki-show_page.tpl. This will cause the theme to use the default tiki-show_page.tpl. Also templates/styles/fluidindex/header.tpl should be edited to delete or comment out the call to sos.js.

There is probably a javascript fix or workaround for this; I think a search will turn up some results for similar problems with IE6 and "suckerfish" menus. But I don't have time now to work on it. Actually for the Tiki 1.10 version of this theme I've left out the drop down so the theme can use the default templates, to ease maintenance and reduce the chance of problems like this.

-- Gary

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