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Fluid index problem

posts: 12 United Kingdom

Hi - I seem to be having a problem with Fluid index with IE6.

Everything works fine with Firefox (my preferred browser) but I've been using Fluid index as a start point for a new tiki site and had tweaked it a bit to essentially have a different set of colours. A day or so ago I thought I'd better see how it all looked in IE and found I was consistently getting page errors as follows:

Line 5
Char 4
Error: 'document.getElementByld(...) is null or not an object
Code: 0
URL: http://www.vizualizit.com/support_tiki/tiki-index.php

and sometimes the right-hand column wasn't shown at all.

I've spent the last day or so regressing back and have now done a complete upgrade to the new 1.9.11 (I was using and have gone back to the 'clean' original Fluid index style/template files - but the problem is still there. When I toggle to other standard themes they all seem OK - but reverting to Fluid index brings the page error problem back.

Anyone got any ideas??


posts: 12 United Kingdom

Just to add some more info - I have now added the Fluid index theme to a completely different site (running and normally using a bluegreen derivative - just has some colour changes) and when I toggle to the Fluid index theme I get the same page errors with IE6 - FF still all OK with all options. To be quite sure I re-downloaded the Fluid index files afresh from this site to ensure they were the latest version.

Has anyone else seen this? Can anyone suggest a workaround since I would really like to get my new site up and running with Fluid index as it is such a great theme.



posts: 254 Japan

This error, IIRC, is caused by sos.js, which is used with the dropdown "tools" menu that contains the edit icon, etc. A quick fix for this is to just delete or rename the file templates/styles/fluidindex/tiki-show_page.tpl. This will cause the theme to use the default tiki-show_page.tpl. Also templates/styles/fluidindex/header.tpl should be edited to delete or comment out the call to sos.js.

There is probably a javascript fix or workaround for this; I think a search will turn up some results for similar problems with IE6 and "suckerfish" menus. But I don't have time now to work on it. Actually for the Tiki 1.10 version of this theme I've left out the drop down so the theme can use the default templates, to ease maintenance and reduce the chance of problems like this.

-- Gary

posts: 12 United Kingdom

Thanks Gary - that's fixed the main page error problems. I'm still having a problem with the right hand column not being shown with my modified version of your theme - but this goes missing whilst there are no page errors being shown. The standard theme however now works fine so I guess I've goofed somewhere - I'll work my way back and see what's happened.

I've also had a look at the ie6.css file and it looks like some of the mods there may no longer be necessary since there seems to be more consistency between FF2 and IE6 without the tweaks. I'll work my way thru what changes I think may make sense and will report them here later.

Thanks again


posts: 254 Japan

Fluid Index uses the *lite.css layout method and is kind of sensitive about column widths and margins. If you look at styles/lite/lite.css, the specs there for the columns are similar to what Fluid Index uses. The Simple theme imports lite/lite.css, while for Fluid Index the lite.css selectors/properties are in the fluidindex.css file itself (regarding the main layout divs). There's a kind of balance among these elements that works to keep them in the right positions.

-- Gary

posts: 12 United Kingdom

Thanks - I seem to have everything working OK now (but without the dropdown tools) however I did make the following changes to ie.css which seemed to make the IE6 rendering more consistent with FF2:

h1.sitetitle {
margin-top: 0;

table {
width: 100%;
text-align: left;

Not looked at IE7 though

-- Geoff

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