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Appreciate all your hard work.
I have no idea where the one poster is going with his complaints about Wikipedia??
These are themes for goodness sake, if you dont like the theme use another one!

I think he was just saying why he didn't want to use Mediawiki — because who authored the page is not as clear as with Tiki. So Tiki with a Mediawiki Monobook theme is a good solution. But anyway....

I was wondering about one thing though.
The Toolbox is now text on the left side.
Is it possible to make this be the icons top right of page?
I'm not sure how to do this.

Do you mean up where the log-in link is, and when you say "be the icons" do you mean use the icon images rather than text links?

Well, it's possible, but would take some reworking of the templates, and would be hard to explain without getting into the specifics. I'll see about doing a wiki page on the topic of Customizing Tikipedia Part Deux or something. wink Actually that's in the spirit of why the theme was done: not only to emulate Mediawiki/Monobook, but to use it as a jumping off point.

-- Gary

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