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Re: Kubrick v2(1.10) another usage issue

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The Kubrick files in the gallery here are a little old. The core code in Tiki 2.0 has been changing quite a bit, and I've been trying to keep these theme files up to date in the Subversion repository, but I haven't made new zips for the gallery. Please try kubrick.tag.gz and see if the problems continue.

That 1px offset at the sides of the footer is still there, I know, but, as you can see at http://zukakakina.com/Kubrick, the problem around the bottom of the header area is either solved or maybe due to a difference in site configuration. I didn't notice the kind of overflow your screenshot shows, but will try to replicate the bug. I try to check all combinations of site options and so on but am bound to miss something. Thanks for your reports.

-- Gary

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