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Re: Re: twist theme

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O.K., how about a 1,2,3 on enabling the tabbed menus? I've read, re-read, tinkered, built menu, enabled...

I have:
options in menu
enabled phplayersmenu
can't find:
site menu to enable
site menu bar to enable

I can assign menuid=43 to a module and make it show up right/left.

What am I missing?


The templates/styles/twist/tiki-top_bar.tpl file is where the PHP Layers menu tag is. As shipped, this specifies

{if $feature_phplayers eq 'y' and $feature_siteidentity eq 'y' and $feature_sitemenu eq 'y'} {phplayers id=43 type=horiz} {/if}

So it takes three things to be turned on for the menu to show: PHP Layers, Site Identity, and the site menu feature (admin on the Site Identity admin page). You can be sure all of these are on, or if you don't want to use Site Identity, you can delete (or comment out with "{*" "*}" tags) the "and $feature_siteidentity eq 'y'" condition in the template.

-- Gary

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