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Ok, url is www.kimmovolley.fi

Right, with IE the dropdowns don't display, but they work OK with Opera. I'll try to figure out what the problem is.

— Gary

Well, they work in pc if you use Firefox too, and here is my css as well, if it helps, it's only file what i changed... Okei, here is not possible to send that file???

I got your CSS file by saving your page with my browser, but haven't found the problem yet. (Also I turned on forum post attachments here, for future use. smile ). Did you modify tiki.tpl?

Oh oh. A problem here with content going under the right column when using threaded view. . .

-- Gary

Yes, that is a nother problem, and no CSS is only file what i have changed...
Here is my CSS

I looked at the CSS file and the saved source of your page. I didn't see anything in the CSS file changes that should cause any trouble.

One difference in the HTML source that I found is that there is an unclosed div, apparently in tiki-top_bar.tpl. There is a div align="center" appearing in the source where tiki-top_bar.tpl is called from tiki.tpl, but no closing tag. This wouldn't cause the phplayersmenu problem, though.

I also noticed that your logo div pops out of and below the tiki-top div when the window is narrowed in IE. That doesn't happen with the themes.tw.o site's kubrick, or other sites that I tested it at. I don't know why that would happen, either. Your logo image is wider, but since it's a background image it should have this kind of effect. In fact I did a test with your page's code and a narrower image, and it still happened.

With no apparent significant differences in the CSS files or templates — apart from the tiki-top_bar.tpl unclosed div — and with all of the phplayers menus CSS files and javascript apparently loading correctly, I really don't know what the problem is. I wonder if it could involve IE's handling of language in the menu.

One test you could make is to check how phplayers menus work in other themes. If they work OK in tikineat or whatever, then it's more clearly a problem with Kubrick. If they don't work correctly in other themes as well, then maybe the problem involves the menu itself somehow.

Anyway, I'll continue to do tests and see if I can find a solution. I didn't expect these themes to be problem free, and the more feedback I get, the more robust they can be.

-- Gary

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