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Re: Using Kubrick without php layers?

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> Hey everyone, I just downloaded the kubrick theme (been waiting for this for a long time lol ) but the problem I have is that the header isn't showing and a message "phplayers are not available on this site" appears where the main header should be.
> My question is, can you still use the kubrick theme without phplayers?
> Thanks

Yes, just edit the line in kubrick's tiki.tpl that calls the phplayers menu (line 14 or so). If you want, you can put ordinary links there instead. Keep the div id="horiz_menu" to center the links; add a div class="horbaritem" around the row of links to give them the color treatment that the phplayers menu section links have (dark background when mouse hovers, etc.). Or just delete or comment out the line. No problem. smile

-- Gary

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