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I am struggling a bit to create dynamic menus; I am using the Eatlon theme. Could someone please list the steps I have to follow to create a top-bar menu and top-left vertical menu like the one on themes.tikiwiki page for the following example:
Home>About, Contact
Themes>New Themes, Legacy Themes


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The first step is to make the menus themselves. The second is to place them at the page top and(/or) side column.

About making the menus, have you read the docs at http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=menus ? This might seem kind of complicated, but basically follow the example of the default menu to see how each menu item is configured.

Once the menus are made (each will have an id number), then go to the admin modules page to make and activate a custom module (at the bottom of that page) to hold the menu in the side column.

For the page-top menu, go to the Look and Feel admin page to activate the top bar menu and enter the menu id number.

Post again if you have gone through these steps but haven't had success yet. It'll be easier to help when I know what stage of the process is hanging things up.

-- Gary

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