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Underground Theme - Logo Help

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I can't quite figure out why my custom logo will not appear with the Underground theme. It does appear with other themes (i.e. neat), but disappears when I choose Underground. I've triple checked the options in Look & Feel. Any thoughts? I hope this is an easy one. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,

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If I recall correctly, the Underground theme doesn't have support for the Look and Feel logo option. You can try using the custom code box to input the HTML to display the logo where the site title text is. The narrow (small vertical space) page top area is the reason why I didn't put the logo code in there.

Probably the logo option should be supported, though, so I'll take another look at this when I get a chance.

-- Gary

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Thanks for your prompt response. At least I know I'm not that crazy. I love the Underground theme by the way. It's exactly what I needed for my site. The color scheme matches my company's colors so it was perfect. Of course I have a director insisting that our logo be at the top. I'll try to get creative to appease him for now while I anxiously await any updates. Thanks again!


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