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Re: Flash Drop Menu in Theme: Planetfall (Help Please.)

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The dropdown menu used on this site is a PHP Layers menu that is part of the Tiki package. It has kind of a heavy overhead but does the job pretty well. Its big plus is that it is already integrated into Tiki's menu admin configuration, so a standard menu can be used as a PHP Layers horizontal or vertical menu very easily. See doc.tw.o/Menus for information on menus. To have a PHP Layers dropdown, use a tag like {phplayers id=43 type=horiz} in a template (like tiki.tpl or tiki-top_bar.tpl) or in a module (with type=vert).

As for a Flash menu, it should work. You can edit a template to insert the Flash code, or maybe use the Site Identity custom code feature. Actually I did a little work on adapting a Nuke theme to Tiki that had a Flash menu integrated already. I couldn't edit the .swf file, but just for fun made some destination files that matched its Nuke-style menu links. Not very useful, but it worked fine.

-- Gary

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