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Converting non-wiki scripts to avoid use of html scripts

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Hello Gary and everyone,

I modified the Tikipedia stylesheets, by adding additional scripts, and I use the sample script shown below to format the main page within the wiki page, basically creating a partitioned main page as follows

  1. a top section
    --(where main centered main photo and text, either centered or left aligned are added)
  2. a right column section
    --(in place of the the fixed right column of wiki (which is disabled, to create a flexible width and height right column that could be moved up or down, depending on the height of the top section. or specific through the defined scripts integrated in a modification of the Tikipedia stylesheet.
  3. the remaining would be the "main page", usually left aligned although the contents may be formatted using the usual wiki syntax.

Except for the html scripts to define the "main structures" outlined above, as well as for the "notes" (see scripts below), most of the scripts used wiki syntax.

However, because of the html scripting, I had to enable the "html" feature in wiki pages using the layouting done below.

I wonder if there is an easy way, or the equivalent wiki syntax for the "html scripts" used. I tried the wiki tab system syntax, but it got complicated because of the multiple formatting within the page (found mostly in the "dynamic content" and not shown in the sample script below).

I would be grateful for any suggestion.



Sample Layout Script

<div class="wpcenterbox">
!!!~~ #0000FF:Featured Photo of the Day~~


<div class="wnpleftbox">
<span class="smtxt1g">

</div><! wnpleftbox>
</div><! wpcenterbox>
<div class="section">
<div class="rightcol">
<! -- Right Column Sections -->

<! -- Topics & Photographers  -->


<! -- National Holidays -->


<! -- Featured Internet Sites -->

<! -- World History -->

<! -- Help Build These Webpsites -->

</div><! rightcol>
<! -- Begin Left Col Sections -->

<! -- Introduction heading  and text -->

<! --   "Likas-Philippines" heading and text: future project  -->

<! --  Inside  "Likas-Philippines" heading and text -->

<a name="new"></a>

__[/tiki-editpage.php| Inside the  "Likas-Philippines" website]__

__What's New__

__Future Projects__

</div><! section>
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I'm not sure just what HTML you need in that page. The span tag and anchor tag could be replaced by plugins, in a no-HTML page, and the layout could be achieved with the existing divs (use the DIV plugin to set the classes).

Also, is __[/tiki-editpage.php| Inside the "Likas-Philippines" website]__ a mistake? This link would open the wiki home's editpage.

-- Gary

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