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Re: planetfall confusion

posts: 254 Japan

It's kind of hard to know what the problem is without seeing the site and/or knowing more details. Is it possible to give the URL here? Do the menu links show up at all? I'm wondering if the PHP Layers tag in templates/styles/planetfall/tiki.tpl is set correctly.

The theme is a liquid layout and will stretch horizontally to accomodate wide center-column content. (This is so large images in galleries won't break the pages, etc.) Pages with text and small objects will stick to a set width, but wide content will widen the page rather than get cut off or overlap a margin. If every page is wide for no apparent reason, that would be a problem, but if pages are just getting pushed wide by wide tables or images or maybe floating div situations, etc., that is normal behavior. Again, it'd be good to see the site to know.

-- Gary

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