Theme Revamp

This is a global plan to revamp the theme infrastructure in Tiki. This is led by the UX Team. Please join us!

As of Tiki11, the Tiki theme infrastructure is increasingly due for a revamp to take advantage of advances in technology

Thus, in Tiki 13, we are going all out on "Mobile-first" Bootstrap 3.0

read up on the proposal, discussion and decision


  • Any non-disruptive work should be done as soon as possible. Ex.: Fonts.
  • For disruptive work (ex.: CSS consolidation), Tiki13 after the Tiki12LTS would be a great time to revamp the whole theme management in Tiki.

The bulk of the work could be done at one or two TikiFest Design Revamp

For whom

There are 3 target audiences

I just want to pick a nice theme

Here, we need more nicer bundled themes in Tiki. Ideally, we'd have access to Web Template Repositories like https://dev.tiki.org/CSS+Frameworks+and+Preprocessors#Bootstrap_themes_repositories

For them, themes is just one of a thousand features and they just pick it. (Can be documented at doc.tiki.org)

Point & Click themer

Professional designers

All the action should be on themes.tiki.org


To discuss

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