Bootstrapping WikiPlugins

Using WikiPlugins to make use of Bootstrap components

Bootstrap offers a number of components, which right now can be used with plain HTML .. see here:
and here:
bootswatch.com/cerulean (example theme)

But mostlikely it is not appropriate to force the users to use Tiki mainly using the HTML Plugin just to use those components.

Though about that, we need some new or extended WikiPlugins with decent parameters, to make the Bootstrap components available with low-threshold.
Preferably we find a way to represent the Bootstrap grid (-column-) classes with obvious and easy to remember parameters, to make it easy to fit divs/elements/components into the grid.

Without a number of WikiPlugins - all very similarly structured - we might not come very much further in providing an easy to use half-self-explaining system for non-techie users.

Wikiplugins with inline editing?

We need a nice method to organise the content in the grid system - especially for public presentation websites. Maybe just using

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{DIV(class=col-sm-3)}... content ... {DIV}

would be a bit too technical for the average user?

List of WikiPlugins to either extend or newly to code:

  • Buttons, Blocklevelbuttons, Dropdownbuttons
  • Blockquotes
  • Tables
  • Forms and Inputs (more integrated in other features like tracker or jquery elements)
  • Navs, Pills, Breadcrumbs, Pagination
  • Indicators, Alerts (Boxes)
  • Labels
  • Badges with smarty elements (for ex showing numbers of members)
  • Progress Bars
  • Containers
  • Lists
  • Panels and Wells


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BS WikiPlugins
Bootstrap WikiPlugins


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