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Zukathemes (Gary Cunningham-Lee)
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Some highlights of this theme adaptation for Tiki are

  • Parallax scrolling effect
  • Web font for headings
  • Theme-specific button colors (extended button class that can be easily defined using the custom Less feature)
  • Uncluttered typography and page layout

From original Readme file:

"Shapely is a powerful and versatile one page WordPress theme with pixel perfect design and outstanding functionality. It is by far the most advanced free WordPress theme available today with loads of unmatched customization options. This theme comes with several homepage widgets that can be used to add portfolio, testimonials, parallax sections, your product or service information, call for action and much more.

"This theme is the best suited for business, landing page, portfolio, ecommerce, store, local business, personal websites but can be tweaked to be used as blog, magazine or any other awesome website while highlighting its unique one page setup. This is going to be the last WordPress theme you will ever want to use because it is so much better than anything you have seen. We promise.

This theme is licensed under GPLv2. You can feel free to modify it as long as you keep the original copyright information."

Parallax scrolling effect

Shapely features vertical parallax scrolling, the popular visual effect. As the page is scrolled, the page section background and foreground both move in the opposite direction (but at different speeds, just as close objects pass faster than distant ones as you move past them) .

Support for all Tiki plugins

This is because, of course, all Tiki themes automatically support all Tiki plugins, modules and templates, which are part of the core code and not third-party extensions.

Shapely button colors

The Shapely demo page shows an outline button with transparent background and a filled button with a contrasting hover background color. The colors for these can easily be changed using Tiki's new "custom Less" feature. No Less or CSS knowledge required.


When the theme archive is expanded, its files will be in a directory (folder) that contains all the theme files in their necessary subdirectories. Install the theme by transferring this directory to the Tiki site's "themes" directory. After refreshing the site's Look and Feel admin page, the theme name will appear in the theme selector, and can be selected.

To replicate the appearance of the WordPress original, the Fixed top navbar 2 layout template can be selected. This uses the site icon (32px by 32px) and the topbar module zone.

Description (brief)
WordPress port featuring parallax scrolling
Bootstrap version compatibility
Bootstrap 3
Live demo
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Theme file package (Bootstrap 4)
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Theme Option 3 name
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In the case of a theme adapted for Tiki

Section for original theme information.

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