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Re: Defacing Tikipedia theme

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One thing I noticed, the Tikipedia theme was that it did not show the modifications that I did on the "tiki.topbar.tpl" where I have placed many key navigation features for the Admin and the visitors, such as visitor's guide. register, login, admin links, etc. The date was also in the tiki.topbar.tpl as usual, rather than the top left isde in Tikipedia theme. I like it that way, although this wil be inconsistent with the login section at the top of the tikipedia theme.

How can I do this in the Tikipedia theme?

You can modify tiki-top_menu.tpl. This is the file that displays the log-in link and so on. tiki-top_bar.tpl in the Tikipedia theme has only a (slightly modified) Tiki copyright info and the date/calendar link. (I took the Tiki version info off because this probably won't stay consistent when people update their installations, and I also wanted to reduce the amount of displayed text.)

... In the interim, what I tried to do was replace the "Tikipedia" sunflower icon with the old logo of my website by renaming the latter as "logo". If it worked when a visitor clicks on the old logo, it should be able to access the origial content of the website.

Even with the change of the "logo" image though — verified by looking at what appeared in the URL — the Tikipedia theme still showed the sunflower Tikipedia icon.

How can I let it show the old logo instead of the sunflower Tikipedia icon?

The Tikipedia sunflower is the background image of a div, and is specified in tikipedia.css. I believe the page Customizing_Tikipedia indicates what to change in the stylesheet to change the logo image or, in your case, to delete it. The div also holds an anchor that provides the link to the index page.

I revamped the layout of all pages also so that the icons for edit, printing, etc. as well as the usual "heading section" are all at the bottom after a wiki text of the article, by revising the appropriate php or tpl files. In fact, I have opted for the page title not to appear, so that I can place a more appropriate title for each page rather than the cryptic and coded titles used for naming each file. The format is how all the other themes I have chosen, more or less appear in their layout.


Also, all the usual wiki stuff (edit, history, perms, etc.) are located at the bottom, while they remain on top with the Tikipedia theme. I prefer them at the bottom. What can I do to initiate this modification in Tikipedia theme.

With the above proposed modifications for Tikipedia, Gary must the seething mad with all the hard work that he has done. *smiles*

Yes, I was just thinking "all that tab-making work for nothing!" But don't worry, I'm not bothered. What I think I should do is make a new wiki page linked from Customizing_Tikipedia probably, where I can describe in detail how to do more radical changes like you're talking about.

....So, I hope you won't be too mad Gary, if I have defiled your great work with the Tikipedia theme. *smiles*

As long as the end result is good, it's fine with me. I hope you and other people making such changes will post the site addresses, put them in the Directory here, or whatever in order to show them as examples.

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