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Hi, Panos,

Sorry for the late response. In styles/arcturus.css there is a rule, at line 44:

#c1c2 #wrapper #col1 #tiki-center { background: #EFEFE7; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px; padding-top: 1px; }

So you can either edit this itself, or input the rule in the Look and Feel custom CSS textarea so it won't be overwritten when you update your site files. To restrict the effect to the Arcturus theme (if you make the rule in the L&F admin, and if you use more than one theme at the site), you can use a filter like this (and of change #fff to the color that you want):

{if $prefs.style eq 'arcturus.css'} #c1c2 #wrapper #col1 #tiki-center {background: #fff;} {/if}

If you just use the Arcturus theme, then you don't need the {if} {/if} tags, and the rule, not needing to be applied selectively, will always be in effect.

This change will affect the page center background in all parts of your site. If you just want the change on the articles pages, then use this version:

.tiki_cms #c1c2 #wrapper #col1 #tiki-center {background: #fff;}

Plus the style filter if needed as described above.

-- Gary - ZukaThemes.com

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