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Templatelets ?? Or a CSS map?

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You won't part me from jqui! I love it!!! But as a newbie I would like to spread my wings a little bit.

Is there a map / document that highlights which css classes affect which parts of the Tiki page(s) ?

I want to do a few minor mods for how forums are listed, and comments appear on Articles, but it's hard to know where to start once the admin menus stop.


Second suggestion is "mini templates" or "templatelets". CSS snippets that affect specific parts of the tiki page / apps, but keep the look and feel of the main theme ? I think it would be cool, and so easy to just cut and paste into custom.css on Tiki 6.x admin look & feel menu

These can be independent of templates, and thus every one can append their own favourite snippets in true wiki style

Merry XMAS & Happy New Year!!!!!!!


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There isn't anything that's up to date; this is on the todo list. Some CSS-related revamping is planned for Tiki 7, so this will be a good opportunity for detailed overviews both for that version and for Tiki 6, which is the new long-term support version.

For a more immediate solution, you can use Firefox and the Firebug add-on (there are other similar tools for IE and Opera, etc.) to check the CSS selectors used in a page with your browser.

About the "minitemplates," this is a good idea that coincides with some things I was thinking, about having more "how to" documentation on Tiki layouts, such as within a wiki page to make a portal-like "page of boxes" etc. In general it would be about how to take the next steps after Tiki is installed and functioning as desired, regarding site layout and appearance. I think this will also dovetail with the pre-Tiki 7 CSS rejiggering. I'll make a wiki page here about it when things firm up a little more.

-- Gary

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How to create templates in tikiwiki6?


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Was there a reply to this? I've tried to look at templates and cannot find how to create templates and reference/use them. The documentaiton page (http://doc.tiki.org/Content+Template&structure=Documentation+TOC) gives directions that don't exist, afaik, in the latest wiki, so I'm lost.


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There could be some confusion because the word "templates" means a few different things in Tiki. One is content templates, which are pasted into wiki pages when the same page content is needed more than once. Another kind of template is the .tpl files that are Smarty (template engine) templates that are used along with .php files to create the Tiki pages. Also, "templates" is also another word for theme or skin, for an alternative visual appearance. Which kind of template do you mean? If you mean theme, then this site has some guidelines. See Tiki Transforming.

-- Gary

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Thanks for that link Gary.

The link I put up talks about how to assign a .tpl (I think) to a page or to an area of a page, but I cannot find the functionality within the admin area. The reusable content templates sounds like a form of boilerplate, which I don't need, but I do need a part of the page formatted in a particular way, however that part is included/set up.

The overall theme I am using is one of the standard themes, and I am, in general, happy with it.

posts: 254 Japan

Normally, .tpl files aren't needed or used to add to a page or area of a page. What functionality do you need? You can use the Look and Feel custom code textareas to add HTML or wiki syntax, or maybe a module can be used. These methods are better than a new .tpl file because they don't need extra files.

-- Gary

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