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Re: Re: FF3 and Kubrick phplayer menu problem

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Hi again,

I am using site identity (though i know this is not needed with Kubrick) 'cause I don't want to develop a custom header until I resolve the menu problem.

The logo is a link and it works.

The menu appears in white text. No hover or link activity works on the menu.

The site search on the header (lower right) does not work. I can't activate the cursor in the text field to type, and the "go" button doesn't work.

I changed themes to default2.css and the menu appeared worked. This seems to be just a Kubrick problem.

Take a look. brynsconsulting DOT com You will see that the site is empty. As I said I'm experimenting with it and don't want to invest much time till I know what hte problem with the menu is.

Many thanks,


When you say the menu doesn't work, what is happening exactly? What displays and what doesn't display? I take it this is just a problem for Kubrick, and in other themes the menu works ok. Do you notice any other problems with the Kubrick theme?

-- Gary

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