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newbie question

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I super like the eatlon template. We will be using it for the helpsite of our product. In the demo of it, the user login was also at the top, and drop down menus existed. What do I need to do to enable the same features in our installation? I don't need a long answer, just a point in the right direction. Thanks.

Also the font is a little small especially in IE, do I go to templates or styles to increase the overall font size? Once I get there, should I hard code the size or set some percentage? (really newbie question)

Also top right search boxes are gone too. Is this all module stuff?

Also where do I go to replace the default tiki wiki logo?

So many questions, I wish I could just log into zukakaina.com/eatlon demo site as a "read only" admin so I can figure out how to get the same features on the layout.

Thanks for any input at all. very good work.


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Oh man, I feel like a heel. The look and feel general layout should help me with a lot of these questions. Amazing how configurable this is!


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Well, thanks should go first to Olle Axelsson, who created the design originally. I liked it a lot too and figured it would be a nice addition for TikiWiki. I'm looking at a couple more of his themes for Tiki versions also.

In the back of my mind, the font size in IE was bothering me, too (the kind of thing that needs to be dealt with but gets put off). I increased it a bit and uploaded the changed eatlon.css to Tiki's Subversion repository. You can get it here (save as eatlon.css and upload to your Tiki's styles directory). New downloads of the Eatlon theme will have this revised version.

FYI, the font size is set in the stylesheet, for the body tag that controls the page overall (a property of 74% or so), and again in a few places for specific page parts - the #tiki-center div is 1.1em, to increase the size in the center column, for example. Most font sizes in my themes are set like this, with an overall-page percentage (because browser defaults are rather huge) and then ems or percentages within the page. In a few places there's a size in pixels for IE6 as it doesn't handle cascading of font sizes well (forgetting parent sizes when setting sizes of text in child objects, etc.).

-- Gary

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