Bundled and Legacy Themes

Bundled and Legacy Themes

tiki theme using tikiwiki 2.0

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We are moving to the upgraded version of tikiwiki 2.0 (we have been using various versions of tikiwiki 1.10 as we needed the wysiwyg for wikis, so glad 2.0 came out and it looks like it has polished up the bugs out of 1.10 pretty well), and we use the bundled tiki theme...

It appears that the tikiwiki 2.0 doesnt appear to be working right out of the box with tikiwiki 2.0, as the modules dont have the background image in the title bar, as we did before (see attached screen shot).

We also have a little funkiness in the look and feel module whereby it doesnt always want to display properly (small matter).

A closer look showed that when I downloaded tikiwiki 2.0, in the styles directory i do not see the normal tiki folder and tiki.css I see in our 1.10 version....

anybody can shed any light on this? I tried just using the tiki folder and tiki.css from 1.10, but got the no background in the title boxes.....

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The TikiWiki core files are being trimmed down in terms of bundled themes in order to better assure the quality of the themes that are included. (In the past, bundled theme files weren't updated consistently so were often more or less buggy.)

Also, there are quite a few significant changes in the template files, etc. from TikiWiki 1.9.* to 2.0, so old themes will definitely have some problems unless they are modified to bring them up to date.

About the module titles, they have been changed from div.box-title to h3.box-title, for better semantic organization of the page. This particular detail was one of the things pointed out to us by the Mozilla support site team, one of the benefits of their choosing Tiki for their site.

If you use an older theme, be sure to choose "use transitions css file" on the Look & Feel admin page. This will load a stylesheet that contains most new selectors added since 1.9.

-- Gary

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