Bundled and Legacy Themes

Bundled and Legacy Themes

Re: v2.0 blugreen H1/H2/H3 problem

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This change was made to improve the semantic organization of the page. As I understand it, there should be only one h1 heading on a web page. Tiki uses this for the page title. So to conform to the only-one-h1 rule, the headings in the wiki text are assigned h2 through h4 sizes. But these still have the old labels with h1 as the largest.

I guess the thinking was that it makes more sense to page authors to have h1-h4 available to use within the page, and just map the heading designations down a notch, rather than remove h1 from the syntax and have users wondering what happened to it.

But the stylesheets weren't necessarily updated to reflect this change, especially in older themes that aren't actively maintained much, so, as you found out, some editing might be needed.

-- Gary

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