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Re: Getting kubrik & planetfall via Tiki mods


Hi Marc,

re kubrik
The path to that "missing" image file is wrong, for some reason. This may be related to something I've been wondering about: what is the best directory structure for theme packaging? I had intended to follow the model of the existing themes at mods.tw.o, but they aren't consistent. Also, some themes have only the standard CSS file (and maybe images), and maybe template files. In the case of Kubrick and other themes, there are also "resource" files such as image file originals. I wonder how the mods installer sorts out the files/directories to install them correctly, when the new theme package might have extras. Some Mods Installer docs would help. wink

re planetfall
The problem here is that planetfall comes with a PHP Layers menu Id specified, and if there isn't a matching menu Id at the site it's being installed on, then there will be a fatal error. The install docs describe this situation and tell the user to have the menu Id ready before installing the theme, but naturally people still miss the information.

The options are

  1. Keep the theme files as they are (PHP Layers menu is active immediately when the theme installs), but make the warning about the menu Id more prominent.
  2. Comment out the PHP Layers menu tag in the template and have users activate it after the theme is installed and the menu Id is ready. This is safer but requires the user to edit the file.

What's the best choice?

I agree that the mods installer could be a very good tool but it isn't clear yet how mods should be put together to facilitate the process, I think.

-- Gary

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