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Re: Re: Kubrick and Safari

posts: 254 Japan

Hello all! First of all thanks for the great kubrick theme (and others)!
This is a real improvement for tikiwiki!

but in my project ,i am getting the images which are displayed on home page or theme.
those images are in folder
\ tikiwiki\styles\kubrick\....jpg

send me the solution as eariear as possible

As I responded by email, I think the problem may be that the files weren't uploaded to the right directories on the server. If kubrick.css and the kubrick images directory are uploaded to the styles/ directory, and the kubrick templates directory is uploaded to the templates/styles/ directory, then kubrick.css should show up in the list of available themes, and selecting it should result in the kubrick theme being used more or less as expected.

Please double check that the files are in the correct locations. See How To Add a New Theme for more details.

-- Gary

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