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Re: Mittwoch Errors

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Hi Anthony,

I haven't noticed those particular problems, but with Tiki 1.10 available as a beta release already, I doubt if display issues in 1.9 versions of themes will be fixed unless it's super easy. Tiki 1.10 is very solid already, and I'm working on updating Mittwoch and the other older themes and making new themes for it.

Mittwoch for 1.10 is pretty close to ready, and can be seen at zukakakina.com. (Mostly site header things and forum styling remain to be done IIRC.) doc.tikiwiki.org is also using Tiki 1.10beta and a beta Mittwoch for 1.10, so could be checked regarding these problems. If this version has the problems you came upon, or if they crop up after it's released, I'll, uh, feel obligated to fix them then wink.

-- Gary

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