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Re: Bottom bar problems

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That's right. There's a bug in my recent table-free themes that shows up in Firefox. I'm not sure when it was introduced or why I didn't notice it earlier, but I'll upload the fixed files today.

If you or anyone else wants to edit their own files, in tiki.tpl, error.tpl and error_ticket.tpl files, change (spaces put around angle brackets here so they'll display)

< div id="c1c2" >


< div class="clearfix" id="c1c2" >

and change

{if $feature_right_column ne 'n'} < div id="col3" > < div class="content" > {section name=homeix loop=$right_modules} {$right_modules[homeix].data} {/section} < /div > < /div > {/if}


{if $feature_right_column ne 'n'} < div class="clearfix" id="col3" > < div class="content" > {section name=homeix loop=$right_modules} {$right_modules[homeix].data} {/section} < /div > < /div >< br style="clear:both" / > {/if}

In other words, a class "clearfix" is given to div id="c1c2" and div id="col3", and a break tag with style="clear:both" is placed immediately after the closing tag of div id="col3". Andreas09, absE, and Fluid Index (and any other people's themes that use these files) are affected by this. Sorry for the trouble.

-- Gary

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