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Re: Tikipedia - MyTiki links not working

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First, to clarify, are you using version 1.10 of Tikiwiki? If so, this is the development version of Tiki, and the Tikipedia theme was made to work with the 1.8, 1.9, etc. stable branches. In particular there are some differences with links on the MyTiki page, especially if you activate "Ajax" on the Admin Features page. With Ajax, these links expect to use Javascript to load the linked content, and Tikipedia's MyTiki template doesn't have that javscript (yet).

If you are using Tiki 1.10, and Ajax is activated, try deselecting it on the Admin Features page.

If you are using Tiki 1.9+ or 1.8+, then Tikipedia should work as expected. If the links on MyTiki don't do anything, try inputting the URLs (such as http://(yourdomain,etc.)/tiki-user_preferences.php) directly to see if the problem is with the linked pages or the MyTiki page itself.

(Nice to hear from Douglas County — I'm assuming that's where you are. I'm from Klamath Falls, Oregon, myself and have good memories of that area. But I got a server not found error with the URL you gave; maybe a typo?)

-- Gary

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