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Howdy! It appears that there are some plugins out there that may be bundled with specific themes. My understanding is that the MAKETOCBOX plugin is bundled with the Wikipedia theme (or was it Mediawiki?). There may be other plugins that are equally as useful to the Tiki community that may function just as well outside of your theme.

I was wondering if the theme creators who may have created these plugins may be able to separate the plugins and contribute them on their own to the Tiki community, both as part of their theme or as a standalone plugin? Some of these are actually documented in the plugin list on doc.tw.o, but are impossible to find because they are hidden in user-contributed themes.

Specifically, I'm looking for the maketocbox plugin and the files plugin.

Thanks for your consideration and great work!



For my themes and plugins, I've directed people to the theme files that include the plugins. In the case of the MAKETOCBOX plugin, it's in the Tikipedia theme file that you can download at this site.

I think the mods.tikiwiki.org site is going to be revamped to be more of a center for "after market" Tiki parts, and then it should be easier to find and download things like plugins and modules, etc.

Also, as you say, there's a problem when plugins are described at doc.tw.o as if they're part of the Tiki package but actually aren't, so a policy needs to be worked out for that, either not mentioning not-included plugins at all, or else maybe giving them an asterisk and indicating where they can be found, or something.

-- Gary

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