Bundled and Legacy Themes

Bundled and Legacy Themes

Re: hec column width in IE

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I couldn't find any differences between your CSS file and hec.css that would cause this, but came upon an image tag in your mod-OrderCDs module that might: img src="images/none.gif" width="100%" height="0". IE6 could be interpreting that width specification as "make this image (and thus the column) as wide as possible." In any case, this image tag isn't needed, as far as I can tell (unless used for counting purposes?), and might as well be deleted.

Update: I just noticed that "images/none.gif" is part of the default Tiki page, apparently used by the column show/hide script. (My own themes haven't used this so I yad forgotten about it.) So I guess that probably isn't the cause of the problem.

I would try turning off column-visibility switching, though, to see if IE is having trouble with that.

-- Gary

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