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The old css-files were almost unreadable, and the new ones are worse.

Have you looked at the CSS files for the Kubrick and Planetfall themes? I tried to organize them more coherently and add more useful comments. But there is still room for a lot of improvement. I plan to write up some wiki pages describing the selectors and properties in more detail, on a wiki feature basis and so on (when time permits).

I wish the theme definition process were less complex. There are many ways to obtain that, here are a few ideas.

- and you might combine these ideas, there are probably many more ways.

I agree that there is a lot of potential to improve Tiki's CSS. There have been discussions about this, maybe with the idea of eventually revising the CSS selectors. But not much has been said recently. I think this should be a main topic at this themes site. Please make a wiki page here to present your ideas, if you like.

One problem with Tiki CSS in the past is that, it seems, the different features have been created by different people, and each just adds his/her CSS selectors when writing the tpl files. This way we've gotten long lists of very specific selectors instead of few selectors covering many instances. At some point, there needs to be a CSS simplification process where the template files and CSS files are re-examined and rewritten. But this will cause all old styles and users' custom templates to be incompatible, so will have to be coordinated well with users and developers.

-- Gary

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