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Horizontal scroll woes

I have a draft site at http://jonathanscommunity.com/ , which scrolles under IE and Firefox at 1024x768. The page has text and nothing else (i.e. no big images). What may be related to the problem was that an item which contains three columns has been set to have a colspan of 3 instead of 0.

<tr><td id="tiki-columns" colspan="0" width="100%">

was changed to

<tr><td id="tiki-columns" colspan="3" width="100%">

because the center column was squashed to the right so that it looked like a second right column (under IE).

What can I do to prevent horizontal scrolling while not recreating the earlier problem? I tried deleting the colspan attribute, but that didn't help.

P.S. Deleting the width element (as below) made half the right-hand column visible under IE, but did not fix it, and fixed it under Firefox:

<tr><td id="tiki-columns" colspan="3">

++ Jonathan Hayward, jonathan.hayward@pobox.com
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