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Re: FAQ in tikipedia

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The page source shows the FAQ questions and answers are displayed in divs like this (angle brackets changed here to parentheses so they won't be stripped out):

(div class="faqqa") (div class="faqquestion") Q: How do I change my theme? (/div) (div class="faqanswer") A: Go to tiki-admin.php, click general and you will see a drop down list of all available themes for your site.(br /) (/div) (/div)

You can edit tikipedia.css to give new properties to div.faqqa, div.faqquestion and div.faqanswer. Maybe check other parts of the CSS file for properties to use (for color consistency, etc.), or see FAQs in other themes for ideas. Post again if you're not sure about editing CSS.

-- Gary

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