Bundled and Legacy Themes

Bundled and Legacy Themes

Re: moreneat and tikineat questions

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I've found that the moreneat theme is the closest to meeting my sites needs with one deficiency. I need to offer the wiki editors the ability to quicky and easily see the full tikiwiki syntax rules (not just the Quicktags) while they are editing a page.

For example, tikineat offers this option by toggling a botton pannel with the full rules right on the wiki editing page.

Is there a way to turn on this for moreneat? Would a solution be hard-coding the syntax rules at the bottom of the edit page (like is apparently done in tikipedia?)

I didn't really notice before, but this seems to be a bug in moreneat, which is funny because that theme has been around for so long. The themes are using the same template, and you can see the edit-help section if you check your browser's source view of the page, but for some reason Moreneat doesn't display it on the actual page. Maybe there's a glitch in the CSS. I'll try to check on that, or ask around.

I like tikipedia, but it has some problems with cutting off content at the right of the wiki pages which makes it unusable at least for IE.

That can be adjusted. See this post.

I would just use tikineat except I need for it to offer the users the ability to edit their mytiki settings. I haven't been able to figurte out how to get a link for "mytiki" to show up for tikineat. Mytiki comes up for moreneat just fine.

Where is the link not showing up? Are you using the standard application menu (in side column)? The MyTiki link should show up in all themes, since the same menu is being used in them all, unless there has been some customization such as used at this site to control menu display according to theme. If you switch themes at this site, for example, you'll get the MyTiki link in the application menu in Tikineat as well as Moreneat. Moreneat does have its own variation of tiki-top_bar.tpl that includes MyTiki links, which is something most themes don't have. But this could be added to any theme by editing the template files.

-- Gary

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