Bundled and Legacy Themes

Bundled and Legacy Themes

Re: Botched Boreal adaptation

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Well, this relates to something I've wondered about before. In tiki.tpl, td id="tiki-columns" holds the column-flipping icons and goes the width of the page. It actually spans the three columns below it, td id="leftcolumn", td id="centercolumn" and td id="rightcolumn". But it is given a colspan parameter of "0" in tiki.tpl.

This is how the saved page piece looked before my change (angle brackets replaced by parentheses so they'd display here):

(div id="tiki-mid") (table id="tiki-midtbl" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" ) (tr)(td id="tiki-columns" colspan="0" width="100%") ... (column-flipping code) ... (/td)(/tr) (tr) (td id="leftcolumn" valign="top") ... (/td) (td id="centercolumn" valign="top") ... (/td) (td id="rightcolumn" valign="top") ... (/td)

Not being a total HTML whiz, I don't know if giving a table cell that spans three other cells a colspan of 0 instead of 3 is kosher, but it seems not. Anyway, I changed it to "3" in my saved version of your page, reflecting the apparent reality, and then the center column of your page works fine in IE too. So I suggest making that change in your theme's tiki.tpl (td id="tiki-columns" colspan="3") and see what happens. Like many things, some browsers overlook that kind of quirk and some get tripped up.

-- Gary

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