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Thanks Neil. I hope others are on the way. (Looks like mplvolt might have something for us cool.

When doing the theme adaptation, I tested with Opera9, IE6, IE7, and Firefox, and made adjustments to get the size OK in all of them (or so I thought wink). Right now I've got Opera, IE6 and Firefox open on this site and can't really see a difference in the font size. As far as I know, my IE6 is using its text size defaults. I'm not sure what would account for our different perceptions, but I guess there could be OS variables, etc. (My primary systems are Windows XP Japanese localized version — don't know if that would matter.) Seems to me I also checked the appearance on my use-once-in-a-while Linux machine; will double-check on that.

Anyway, to increase the font size for IE6, edit the styles/andreas09/ie.css file. There is currently a font-size: 76% property set for the body selector at the top of the file. You can increase this a few points at a time until you get the text large enough. Other browsers won't be affected.

-- Gary

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